Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not quite caught up yet

I finally have posted the rest of the blogs about our past summer vacation and our moving here in December.  I may have a few more posts to put in the past, but if I do then I will try to post about current events and happenings as well.

My one thought is how interesting it has been trying to live where we used to vacation.  With lots of work to get done, it has been frustrating to not be able to enjoy the Wyoming summer's like I usually do!  I am not complaining at all -- just observing that it has been my most difficult adjustment to living here (besides missing my Cincinnati friends).

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Simple? Life

Unfortunately I have fallen fall short of my goal for one new blog post a day to recap our Southwest trip of June 2012.  So I am posting now to break my OC behavior of having to post the vacation days in order  Well, I just discovered that I can now set the date and time of my old posts.  That feels much better :)

Anyway, one of the reasons we wanted to move to Wyoming was to live a more simple life.  I find it ironic that I seem to be busier than ever, and haven't had time to devote to some of the things I wanted to do more of (like blogging).  Hopefully that's a sign of successfully spending more time with family and reaching out to friends, but I have a feeling I've been working more.  At least my commute is much shorter!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Living in Centennial, WY

In late December, 2012 we moved to my Dad's house in Centennial, Wyoming. Why? 

My wife wanted too. I have loved Wyoming since I was little, and my wife and I have been thinking about moving out of Cincinnati for years. We like the city and love many of the people, but we were in a rut and needed a kick start to break out of it. So we had been debating back and forth - beach or mountains? We have had a number of fun vacations to the beach, and we love the ocean. Also, we vacation every other year in Wyoming and have good times. But, for family peace with my parents retiring here we decided we couldn't live here since Liz's parents weren't here too. So we decided to move to the beach. Hmm. Not many beaches in Wyoming. What happened?

The death of my mom. It was not my Dad's dream to retire here. When she passed away the house was mostly unused -- except when we vacationed here. Still, what's better about Wyoming than Cincinnati?

A better financial situation. Our home in Cincinnati was big and frankly I worked too much to take care of it. In addition, rising medical costs and living costs made the house more difficult to afford. College costs (if my son chooses to go to a local college) are much lower in Wyoming, and there are more rapidly approaching college age. However ...

It isn't easy. I miss my friends in Cincinnati and we miss our family in Cincinnati and Ashtabula. We were attending a wonderful church that we also miss. We have met great people here in Laramie and Centennial and have found a biblical church here that we are very grateful for and already feel very close too -- but we still miss our Cincinnati friends..

Finally, a shout out to my company for letting me work remotely and to my Dad for helping us move, allowing us to live here, and supporting us until our house sells. We couldn't do it without you! I'm still pretty busy and may not blog much, but I will try to blog more. You can also see a lot of what is happening at my wife's blog -- six shootin' mama.