Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Chuck

My wife and I watched the final episodes of Chuck Friday night; afterwards I searched the internet for reactions and explanations on why I shouldn't be horribly disappointed. I was certainly happy that everyone other than the main characters were getting shots at their dreams, and I was pleased that Chuck was showing his devotion to Sarah and that Sarah was willing to try to fall in love with Chuck again. I applauded the choices to take Chuck and Sarah back to when Chuck had the Intersect and to see the same locations of previously memorable scenes. Why did the authors feel compelled to throw away 5 years of the relationship built between Chuck and Sarah? I even read in an interview with Chris Fedak that this was a happy ending. After thinking long and hard, I wonder if this is a byproduct of America thinking the early part of a relationship is the best part. I can certainly empathize; the first years of meeting my wife, falling in love together, and starting our future were amazingly fantastic. But I wouldn't want to go back and relive that time -- to trade in the rich relationship we have now and to give up our years of shared experiences. I think Chuck did the right thing -- sticking by his wife and working to make her fall in love again. However, like Chuck and some of the fans, I certainly grieved the death of the relationship that was and the picket fence/children life that was to be. It was their relationship that I had enjoyed most about the show.