Monday, September 1, 2014

Living in a vacation spot

I was so excited to move to my favorite vacation spot.  Mountains, fishing, hiking, rock climbing (amateur level only) -- we were right there.  Then this summer came along.  My oldest son graduated from high school in May and my in-laws visited from Ohio.  We took them up to the top of the snowy range -- and that's the last time we went.  It's Labor day, and we didn't go into the mountains one time for the activities I mentioned.  There are lots of reasons.  My wife and I both had surgeries, we had so much snow this past winter that the water wasn't fish-able until after my dad returned home in late July, there wasn't any vacation time left over after our trips to South Padre Island, Texas and to Yellowstone, and since we've moved here we've had record levels of rain and snow -- but it all boils down to we didn't make the time.  I don't believe I'm taking living here for granted -- not a day goes by that I don't marvel at the beauty of the Colorado Rockies which I can see over 90 miles from here, or the local small mountains (our high peaks are hidden behind a smaller mountain because we are so close to it) -- but my wife and I will definitely make an effort next summer to get up in the mountains more often.

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